A Serious Update

A true chad jawline

Suprising fans for the 20th anniversary of the series Serious Sam 2 has had a massive update from the developers that not only brings quality of life features to the title so that it can be played easily on modern hardware but also adds a huge amount of new features and previously unreleased content that make the game an absolute blast to play.

These new features include brand new weapons such as a flamethrower, the ability to dual wield any weapon in the game, sprinting and even rocket jumping making the game far more fast paced than before. This update actually fundementally changes how the game normally plays and that is a rare thing to see for an update to a 15 year old game. I for one love it when developers do things like this as it really shows the care and love they have for a game series and it even makes it rather relevant to the current gaming market as alongside all this the game is also discounted on stores to encourage people to buy it. So if you’re interested in high-octane classic shooters then there is no better time than now to check it out!

That’s all for now, and as always. It’s not just a game, It’s a Life.

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