A Musical Tragedy

Look at the sadness in those eyes…

If you don’t know who Marty O’Donnel is then you are doing yourself a disservice as he is the main composer and partial director of many classic Halo games and is considered by many to be one of the greatest video game musical composers of all time. Things have been tough for Marty however ever since 2014 when he was fired from Bungie and had all of his work on their new franchise ‘Destiny’ taken from him and placed into the legal hands of Bungie themselves.

A tragic series of events for sure however if you can believe it things have gotten worse for him. Over the years Marty has been unable to share or even perform any music to do with Destiny however he has been uploading new remixes and variations of songs on both his BandCamp and Youtube accounts so that others may see what he has been up to. However after a lengthy legal battle it has been determined that this was a breach of their legal agreement and as such Marty has had to pay Bungie a massive fine and release a public apology video on all of his accounts stating that he doesn’t own any of the music and asking members of the gaming community to destroy all of his work.

I hate seeing things like this, especially in the video I can just see the dead look behind his eyes as all his creative spirit is being drained away by corporate interest. The man who made the music of Halo is long gone and it’s so sad to see what has happened to him. I look forward to seeing what new projects he may work on but I also completely understand it may be a while before he finds the creative spark to work on video games again.

That’s all for now, and as always. It’s not just a game, It’s a Life.

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