The Trilogy of Shame

A face only a mother could love

Yes I know I’m a bit late on this but how could I NOT talk about this absolute trainwreck.

The GTA Definitive Edition Trilogy released fairly recently and oh boy were people upset at what had been done to some of the most beloved open world games of all time. Not only did the games look bad but they were buggy, played horrifically, had terrible mobile-like controls and had almost all modding content for each of the titles removed forcefully prior to release. Such work was a slap in the face to the entire GTA community and even more so considering that they removed the previous versions of the games from digital storefronts, forcing peope to have to upgrade into the worse versions although this choice has since been rolled back thank god.

Alongside this a lot of iconic music tracks were rmeoved from the games due to licensing issues (I totally called this!) and hilariously the games had to be de-listed at one point due to people discovering that the infamous Hot Coffee content, the big controversial sex minigame from GTA: San Andreas, had once again been included within the game files and as such the games had to be pulled so the files could be removed, you can’t make this stuff up!

Luckily it seems consumers have realised this is a terrible release and currently the game is facing an incredible amount of negative reviews on metacritic and other sites which should hopefully show that we will not take rushed and slapdash efforts to remaster some of our favourite games. We will see if Rockstar end up fixing this in the future with patches, I find it highly unlikely though.

That’s all for now, and as always. It’s not just a game, It’s a Life.

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