A Japanese Fallout?

But will there be Samurai robots…

I enjoy games that are similar to the Fallout franchise as something about that post-apocalyptic feel mixed with a sci-fi setting makes for a compelling game environment. Well it seems as though developer NetEase agree as they are planning to release a brand new post-apocalyptic mmorpg soon known as ‘Ashfall’.

The game is clearly inspired by Fallout, essentially having the same story as the first fallout game with you venturing out from your vault to find a device to save the people in the vault, but it also comes with an incredibly interesting Eastern Aesthetic with yo-kai inspired enemies, japanese and chinese architecture as well as that cast of course being mostly eastern. The game itself looks to be similar to other looter-shooters of the mmo genre such as Warframe but with added survival elements which will be an interesting blend.

The game is scheduled for a closed beta soon so if you’re interested in checking it out you should sign up and see if you’re let in. I would note however that this game is also being developed for mobile as well as PC so… that may end up being a bad indicator as to what this game will be like. Still I’m willing to give it a try as an Eastern-inspired Fallout is a fantastic idea and I hope it does end up being a worthy game to match that concept.

That’s all for now, and as always. It’s not just a game, It’s a Life.

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