A Courtroom Fable

Wolf man is not happy

If you know of Telltale Games then you most likely heard about The Wolf Among Us, one of their unique franchises that took the comic book world of ‘Fables’ and set a narrative-based detective story within it. An interesting idea which was unfortunately cut short due to Telltale’s collapse, though with their revival it looks like a sequel is in the works which is nice.

This may be made more complicated however due to the original creator of the Fables world, Bill Willingham, deciding that the world is now in the public domain and filing the correct work for doing that. The reason this is an issue is that DC Comics, who publish the Fables work, states that it is actually not public domain and the creator is simply trying to drum up animosity towards them due to a sour working relationship. As such it’s a complicated legal problem here, and the revived remnants of Telltale will unfortunately be caught in the crossfire. Will the game actually be made now, or will this make things too hot for them to consider publishing? Who knows, and at this point I suppose it will be up to much smarter people to figure out exactly what will happen with this.

That’s all for now, and as always. It’s not just a game, It’s a Life.

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