A Close World

Oh I so hope I get to pilot one of these…

I always find it a nice surprise when a game that I did know was coming but didn’t keep track of news for suddenly becomes so close to release without me even realising. It usually means that I don’t have to count down the days until release which really brings a lot of relief to my bored mind.

The Outer Worlds has me excited as it’s being developed by Obsidian, the original Fallout director, who also did New Vegas and even KOTOR 2 which is a game I really should get around to playing. There was a big controversy surrounding the game as it announced that it would become an Epic Game Store exclusive and most of my hype died around then as I don’t really care for the EGS and so without an initial Steam release I was going to wait. Lo and behold however I wasn’t aware that it would also be coming to the PC version of the Xbox Game Pass which means not only am I able to play the game on release but I also get to play it for essentially free, huzzah!

Of course I also found out there is a Switch version of the game so I may end up getting that too as having a portable version of the game would be hugely beneficial however you can’t beat PC modding and as such getting to play it on my beast of a machine will be a great experience. I have another well made RPG from a developer I like just a few days away from me so my hype levels are suddenly through the roof, let’s just hope it does match expectations.

That’s all for now, and as always. It’s not just a game, It’s a Life.

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