The Annual Scam

Stop! Stop! He’s already dead…

I honestly had to check if I was still awake when I first heard of this news, Fallout 76 is getting a subscription service that costs $100 a year, no I am not joking.

The newly announced ‘Fallout 1st Membership’ was stated to be for the biggest fans of the game and is said to come with a bunch of exclusive features and items for those who opt in. This includes the previously promised private servers allowing you to play solo, a payment of their premium currency, a storage box for all your crafting components, your own fast travel marker and even a copy of the iconic Ranger armor from Fallout: New Vegas.

The fact that the game is still in the state that it is and Bethesda have the nerve to announce something like this is honestly unbelievable. Not only are important features being gated behind a monthly paywall (including the ability to play the game solo! Not being able to play a Fallout game on your own! What stupidity is this god I am so angry) but Bethesda have very clearly given up on the pretense of having in game purchases only provide cosmetic differences when this very clearly gives huge benefits to those who pay extra.

This angers me so much. The game is still a buggy mess, not many people are enjoying the game and so it seems as though Bethesda are simply looking to cash out what they can on this game as they know it has been a disaster from the start and just want to grab as much as they can from gullible consumers. Please if you are thinking about getting this reconsider your choice of purchases as the last game that deserves a monthly subscription fee is Fallout 76.

That’s all for now, and as always. It’s not just a game, It’s a Life.

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