The Laziest Colour

God bless America

Another youtube highlight for you all as he recently uploaded another video that I just had to cover. This is LazyPurple, a Team Fortress 2 youtuber with an… erratic upload schedule. That may sound like an insult but it really isn’t as he focuses on making his content as good as possible and taking the time needed to make it great.

LazyPurple covers videos related to TF2, specifically the feel of each of the characters and goes into great detail surrounding gameplay styles, techniques and even the philosophy of the playable mercs. The amount of detail and care that goes into each video is staggering, not to mention of course the animation style which is all done personally in the Source Film Maker.

His most recent video covers the Pyro class so please do go check it out as it’s really funny and informative. He also mentioned a release of a ‘behind the scenes’ type video later on to give background detail on the video itself and his thought process so look forward to that! If you’re into TF2 content then you really shoul;d give him some of your views, here’s a link to his channel enjoy!

That’s all for now, and as always. It’s not just a game, It’s a Life.

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