A Bethesda-Xbox Showcase

Perhaps we will have more than just this cinematic…

With E3 being just around the corner many are excited for the biggest month for gaming news of the year but alongside this big event many other companies are gearing up to provide presentations that will show off all the games they have prepared for this year and the next. One of these being Microsoft who have recently let loose that they would be rolling both their own and Bethesda’s gaming presentations into a single show of their own hosted in the middle of June.

The event hasn’t been given any details yet but as we could most likely guess it will be hosted online and will feature new games from both the Xbox brand and the projects that Bethesda has been working on. There are rumours that we will finally see gameplay from the secretive Starfield that Bethesda have been working on for all this time but it is best to not get your hopes up and simply wait and see. Personally I’m hoping for any small piece of news to do with the next Elder Scrolls but I am aware that this is mainly just a pipe dream.

That’s all for now, and as always. It’s not just a game, It’s a Life.

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