The Sale Purchase

Looking uhh… good Geralt

I now own The Witcher 3, this should be fun. I don’t have time for it currently but I will in the future and at that point I will finally get around to playing what many people consider to be the best RPG of recent note. I am extremely excited to say the least.

I finally decided to bite the bullet after I saw the game on sale on Steam for almost a third of the original price. I’m not one to scoff at the opportunity of a great deal so I decided that evenetually I would play this game so why not get it now while it’s cheap. I’ve done this a few times before but it has to be a really good deal for me to finally trust my gut instinct and give it a purchase.

What I’m more interested in however is if any of you have done the same thing. Have you bought a game just because it’s a good deal and you will play it at a later date? What game was it and how good was the deal? Let us all know your examples! That’s all for now, and as always. It’s not just a game, It’s a Life.

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