The Faults of Bioware

Oh dear indeed

Ever since the release of Anthem Bioware has doing well in the eyes of gamers. The shoddy state that Anthem was released in, the in-depth investigation into the company which led to many accounts of mental health issues and a horrible work environment and now even talks that the long awaited Dragon Age 4 could have suffered due to the nagtivity surrounding Anthem have all led to Bioware not looking too good.

Indeed many could blame the higher-ups of the company who have been pushing their employees to breaking point just to meet the demands of EA and increase profit margins which could ultimately lead to their inevitable downfall. Games should never be made at the expense of the mental health of their creators, especially when these problems are being fuelled by greed. Many different people will have interesting views on the company now but the main thing we have to realise is that this seems exactly like what happened with Telltale Games and we all don’t want to see the sad end that happened to them also happen to Bioware.

I’m hoping for the best and I sincerely hope that all of these accusations and clear abuse of staff being made clear to the public will be a wake up call to the people running the company that they need to fix things or they will surely face dire consequences. That’s all for now, and as always. It’s not just a game, It’s a Life.

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