The Post-Good Game Feeling

I am feeling the feels

Have you every played a game that you have enjoyed so very much and everything aftewwards just feels a bit… empty? I’ve experienced that many times beforehand and I am now experiencing it again after finishing Persona 5. It’s a shame as in an ideal world I would simply move on to the next big game that will also turn into the new and fun game I obsess over for a few weeks but that is not usually the case.

I feel as though this is a phenomenon that most gaming enthusiasts can relate to. Wanting to wipe your memory clean to experience the fullness of a great game again but knowing that few will be able to match up to the game you just finished, I suppose that’s the mark of a good game. Still it just makes me happy to know that I don’t need to keep playing the same games over and over, sometimes I can experience brand new titles that can add to my classic games collection and make me want to try out new titles that are related to it. That’s what makes gaming special, and I think that’s what keeps me wanting to try out new experiences. Maybe something new will get me hooked. I think I’ll try Persona 5 Strikers when it goes on sale, let’s see how long this wave of Persona love takes me.

Have you experienced something like this before? Which game made you feel this way? Be sure to comment and let us know. That’s all for now, and as always. It’s not just a game, It’s a Life.

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