The Game List

So many games, So little time…

So with recent events occuring to me I have suddenly found myself with a lot of free time which means I can finally get caught up with all the games that I had set on my to-play list.

I have four games that I really wanted to try although first I will be trying out Fallout 4 VR as that has been sitting in my game library for far too long. I wanna try out ‘A Hat in Time’ as it looks like the Super Mario Sunshine successor that I have been wanting for all these years. There is also ‘Lisa: The Painful RPG’ as I have heard great things about the story and how similar to Earthbound it is, Final Fantasy 6 as I never actually fully played through that game and feel it’s a piece of gaming history that I need to experience and finally DOOM 2016 as I just wanna shoot things in a really cool way.

Now I’m really interested in what games you all have on your to-play list? Tell us all about the games that you really need to get down to playing! That’s all for now, and as always. It’s not just a game, It’s a Life.

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