Crisp Audio Reality

It looks a bit like a spartan helmet in this picture…

While VR may not be the thing I play almost every day me and my partner thought it would be a good idea to get an upgrade for our headset to make it more comfortable and enjoyable. We decided to get the Deluxe Audio Strap for the Vive as everyone online said this was the best purchase for owners of the original Vive.

Boy were they correct. While it was fairly expensive the extra comfort it brings to the headset with it being a plastic backing rather than a strap makes a world of difference. The audio quality doesn’t match the price tag I would say but it’s still pretty good and it’s far more comfortable than using my normal headphones on top of the Vive. I’d view this purchase as more of a comfort upgrade than an audio upgrade but I certainly don’t regret getting it and I highly encourage anyone who owns a Vive to get this extra bit of kit too.

Is there any other upgrades you would suggest to make the VR experience better? Be sure to leave your suggestions in the comments section below! That’s all for now, and as always. It’s not just a game, It’s a Life.

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