Taking the Day Off

You knew it was gonna be about this game of course

I’m curious, do many other people take days off work to play a game? Like a big, anticipated game is coming out and you just want one or two days to enjoy it for yourself? Well I will be doing so for Tears of the Kingdom this friday, mainly because it gives me a long weekend, but I also just wanted some time to enjoy the game.

It’s a strange thing to ask as it really depends upon the involvement of games in your life. If games aren’t a big thing to you then this seems like a silly thing to do, on the other hand those that have games as their main hobby would see this as an obvious yes, seeing big games come out and getting plenty of time away from working to play them is a great idea. I also suppose it depends on your working situation and what other factors in your life mean you may or may not have the spare time to dedicate to a new game.

Perhaps I’m rambling, but I am most curious to know what you all think of this. Be sure to respond in the comments what you like to do in these situations! That’s all for now, and as always. It’s not just a game, It’s a Life.

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