Musical Intensity

Double the mouths for double the singing!

Does anybody else find themselves playing boss battle music when doing chores and housework or is that just me? I find music from video games helps me to make actions more exciting in the real world, especially when it comes to tasks that I really don’t want to do.

Music is an incredibly important part of all games as it helps to make certain scenes more exciting and give context into how we should feel at that moment. When translated into our real world actions they help to drive us into completing tasks and focusing on the music rather than what is directly in front of us. I love listening to the soundtrak of Deltarune while doing the dishes or hoovering as I almost feel (in a rather silly way) like I’m fighting a type of boss and once I complete my task I have defeated a great foe. Perhaps this is just me coping with daily life in my own way but I highly encourage you all to try it at sone point. Just pop on your favourite gaming soundtrack (even better if it’s a boss theme) and show those dust bunnies who’s boss!

That’s all for now, and as always. It’s not just a game, It’s a Life.

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