The Great Takedown

Rest in peace…

It’s sad to see channels that you used to watch all the time go down in flames but it seems as though this has happened recently to one of the big ones, Machinima.

To those that don’t know these guys were one of the first ‘Multi Channel Networks’ that brought in several content creators and had them produce videos under a single brand and their specialty was a focus on gaming channels. It came to light a few years ago that the contracts these people had were terrible however this bad karma seems to have caught up with them. Machinima were recently acquired by Fullscreen Media and it seems that as part of this deal they have taken down all of their uploaded content with no real announcement if it’s being distributed to other channels or coming back at all.

So it seems that a great juggernaut of the past has fallen, how sad. Personally I loved the Arby ‘N the Chief series that they hosted, in fact I take time almost every year to rewatch the entire series if I can. No doubt other content creators will reupload all the footage but it seems that for now Machinima are moving onto new pastures.

That’s all for now, and as always. It’s not just a game, It’s a Life.

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