Multiplayer Horror Games

Another good example, Dead by Daylight!

Following on from my post yesterday about SCP: Secret Laboratory I wanted to discuss the concept of a Multiplayer Horror Game. The very concept of this genre is fairly bizzare as horror is best experienced alone due to the fact that the aim of these type of games is to scare you and by allowing you to bring several other players with you not only should you feel safer but the tone is made to be lighthearted fun instead of outright horror. I find however that this generalisation is not always the case however.

Last night I outright screamed at SCP following a very smart player controlled monster stalking and killing me in a brilliant fashion, this was of course also after I got separated from my group which helped to build the tension. I feel as though atmosphere is the most important factor to getting a good horror game correct and even if there are other players around as long as the atmosphere is solid I will still be scared. Another thing that I believe is important to this is having player controlled monsters due to the fact that they are completely unpredictable which is the biggest edge these type of games have over their single player counterparts.

What do you think however? Do you enjoy these type of games and if so do they truly scare you at times? Be sure to express you opinions in the comments below. That’s all for now, and as always. It’s not just a game, It’s a Life.

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