SCP: Secret Laboratory

Hey there 173!

After browsing Steam last night I came across a wonderful Indie game that I hadn’t heard of before known as SCP: Secret Laboratory. The game set in the universe of the SCP foundation, a community created fictional writing project that you can view online. The idea behind it is that the foundation is a group dedicated to finding, documenting and sealing up interesting and deadly creatures and artifacts from all around the world known as SCP’s.

The game itself is essentially a multiplayer version of another released game known as SCP: Containment Breach. There are five teams of players each with certain objectives to complete within a game, including a team who get to play as certain escaped SCP’s! It’s very much an early access game with many bugs, visual glitches and audio problems however the core game behind it and the several player fighting factors are incredible and provided me with one of the best multiplayer horror experiences I have had in a long time. I look forward to playing it more, and if you are in the least bit interested in the SCP foundation I highly encourage you to try this free game out!

That’s all for now, and as always. It’s not just a game, It’s a Life.

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