Feeling the Feels

If you’ve played this then… you know…

I don’t tend to get overly emotional when it comes to playing video games and experiencing the stories that they have to offer even if a lot of them end up being really good. However after playing a certain quest in Enderal (which I will say even louder now if you haven’t tried out then you absolutely must!) I actually found myself getting rather emotional and affected by what was being told to me. I even had to fight off tears at one point, rarely do I have to do that when playing games.

Gaming has a way of helping you connect more with characters by interacting with them directly through your own actions. Unlike something such as Film game characters actually react to how you talk to them or what actions take place around them due to you which allows you to invest in their thoughts and feelings far more than any other medium. Due to this it’s actually surprising that I don’t have this reaction to games more often but there are of course times in which I feel very strongly at certain events, especially melancholy or sadness. Most of these experiences are usually indie RPG titles or narrative driven stories that place telling you a great story over the gameplay itself which is a difficult thing to pitch to someone. Regardless what I experienced during this certain quest is going to stay with me for a while and I hope that by the end of this game that I encounter more impactful stories such as this one.

Now I ask all of you the question, have you experienced a quest or a character or some other such story in games which have made you feel very emotional? Be sure to leave your examples in the comments below but please be wary of spoilers. That’s all for now, and as always. It’s not just a game, It’s a Life.

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