Building a Build

Better start crunching those numbers!

I love making builds in games. Sometimes I literally just browse wiki entries and game information websites in my spare time just to see how a build would work and how to achieve it. There’s no greater feeling than completing a build you have researched over multiple days and making yourself as strong as can be, or at least as fun as could be.

I thought about this as I play through Elden Ring for a second time and seeing that I can make an entire build based on Dragon Communion Incantations, which are basically just summoning dragons to bite, slash and breathe fire over your enemies. It’s such a cool idea that I now want to start a brand new character just to try that. And of course I’m looking at the wiki sites to determine the best items and such, and even looking at questlines to determine what would be the best path to take to get these items early. It’s an interesting idea, essentially number-crunching a game rather than playing it organically, but that is how I like to play many games, especially RPGs. While I will almost always take a linear but well told narrative game over something like that, when I get the chance to cook, call me a master chef.

What do you all think about builds and theorycrafting in games? Do you enjoy doing this activity as well and which game is best for it? Let me know in the comments! That’s all for now, and as always. It’s not just a game, It’s a Life.

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