Adventuring in VR

You can even take a swig and actually drink it!

I have made a bit of a mistake and decided to jump back into Skyrim, guess I’ll be gone for a few weeks. This time however I decided to play the VR version with a few mods installed to make the experience a far more worthy game to wear the VR label.

Specifically I installed the three biggest mods that make the experience far more comparable to other VR games, these being VRIK, HIGGS and Spell Wheel VR which respectively add a physical player avatar to the game, the ability for your hands to physically interact and pick up all objects in the game (and a neat gravity gloves-like feature!) and an easily accessible real-time menu wheel in your palm to quickly access spells and items.

Playing with these mods (and of course plenty of other graphical and gameplay improvements) has made the experience absolutely incredible and very comparable to other games on the market. If you are to ever play Skyrim VR then absolutely get these mods to make it feel more like a complete game and do let me know what your experiences are in the world of Tamriel!

That’s all for now, and as always. It’s not just a game, It’s a Life.

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