A Vegas Anniversary!

H-hey here’s the high roller!

Ok so I’m a few days late but better late than never I suppose! A few days ago it was the tenth anniversary of one of the best RPG’s ever made, Fallout: New Vegas. I can sing it’s praises with absolute certainty as not only does most of the internet agree with me but I adored playing New Vegas and even today still occasionally start another playthrough just to experience how really good game design truly is.

True the game can look a bit janky nowadays and sure some of the mechanics and bugs are still a bit stilted and problematic but no game can be perfect! It’s a shame to see how the series developed over the years as I truly think that if the series had kept up the quality that New Vegas proved was possible then it could very well be one of the best game series ever made. As it stands now we can just remember the good times and if you haven’t experienced it before definitely give it a shot. Ahh well, at least we have that remake of the game in Fallout 4 coming out! That will be pretty cool!

That’s all for now, and as always. It’s not just a game, It’s a Life.

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