A Hopeful Fan-Game

Road trip!

I must say I have been infatuated with the Lisa series and the many people in the community who adore these games just as much as I. One thing that I find particularly interesting is just how willing the original creator of the games was happy to let other people create their own interpretations of the story and make their very own tales canon. As a result of this I decided I would try out the two main fan-games that are known with the first one I completed yesterday being called ‘Lisa the Hopeful’.

To give a brief rundown of the story you play as a crew of guys who are all trying to find the legendary girl that is known throughout the wasteland. It has a very FInal Fantasy 15 vibe to it in that you literally control a gang who go on a roadtrip to complete their quest. The game is extremely well made and it feels right at home alongside the original Lisa games. If you had told me the original creator had made these projects I wouldn’t have doubted it, that’s how good and faithful this fan game is.

I’ve also heard about the other big fan game known as ‘Lisa the Pointless’ so I look forward to trying that project out too and letting you all know how it is. That’s all for now, and as always. It’s not just a game, It’s a Life.

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