You Know My Name

I wonder if he ever gets sleepy if he accidently impales himself on his shoulder spikes…

Well, Doomfist has finally been officially released to the public on the Overwatch main servers. Currently the servers are struggling to keep up with the extra workload so I can’t play too much of him however from my time playing him on the test servers he is still as fun as ever and I can’t wait to get in some more practice with him.

Alongside the release of Doomfist was a variety of other features to the game. The ability to save and record highlights with a much bigger degree of control, the ability to customise your reticule for aiming and loads of bug fixes too, including several to my boy Reinhardt, finally making him viable for competitive play again.

So this seems to be the next big period of time for Overwatch, I wonder what else will come out and hype us up again. I guess only time will tell what the people at Blizzard will bring us next. That’s all for now, and as always. It’s not just a game, It’s a Life.

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