What even are those things supposed to be?

I wanted it to be good. I wanted it to blow away the competition and bring back the idea of the open ended 3D platformer. I wanted a return to classic retro charm and british humor that the Banjo series was most well known for. It seems however I may have to wait as Yooka-Layley is officially out on the Xbox One and the reviews for it are… less than stellar.

Don’t take that badly though, I’m not saying it’s a bad game or that it’s a failure, in fact many consider it to be a good game. It’s just that it didn’t live up to expectations, much like Mass Effect: Andromeda actually. I don’t think I will be getting it as soon as it comes out however maybe when there is a sale I will give it a go. I guess a positive I can get from this is… I get to save some money?

Anyway have any of you played this new game, if so what did you think about it? Let me know how you felt about the game! That’s all for now, and as always. It’s not just a game, It’s a Life.

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