Video Game Toys

Props to whoever made this, it looks amazing!
Props to whoever made this, it looks amazing!

Physical toys that have been inspired by video games have been around for a good while now. We have all seen the action figures of our favourite gaming characters, the block sets of Minecraft and Halo characters and even the newest big craze of physical character statues such as Amiibos interacting with various games themselves bringing the interaction between the two mediums right back around!

Some people however see them more as just cash-ins by greedy publishers looking to make even more money around whatever IPs they happen to own. I however see them as another form to allow creativity to blossom. Look above to the amazing looking Bastion figure made out of Lego. This wasn’t created by Blizzard somebody actually designed this themselves. People want to find many ways to express their creativity and centering this around gaming allows them the freedom to use pre-made characters to make the process so much simpler.

So what do you all think of video game toys or figurines? Do you find them tacky or do you find them fun? Share in the comments so we all know! That’s all for now, and as always. It’s not just a game, It’s a Life.

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