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If only you were a good price...
If only you were a good price…

I have been looking for a secondhand Gamecube recently and been finding troubles. All of the options for buying one online seem to be quite pricey and those that aren’t expensive don’t even come with the cables needed to get the damn thing to work (seriously what’s the point in selling just that?)

Secondhand consoles aren’t a new concept to many people. Often going down to your local car boot sale you would find various people who would be happy to sell you their old PS2 for £10, and then you haggle that down to £8 because you’re a monster. It’s a great experience and can really net you some bargains especially if the person selling it doesn’t have a clue what they actually have.

With the world of online shopping however things have become a lot trickier. Most people selling used consoles know their actual worth and as such the idea of finding a diamond in the rough is rarer and rarer.

I’ll still keep looking however, one day I will find a nicely priced Gamecube that actually comes with all the cables. Might be a while though…

That’s all for now, and as always. It’s not just a game, It’s a Life.

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