Too OP Pls Nerf

Yeah you, we're talking about you
Yeah you, we’re talking about you

So I have gotten back into Smash Bros again and have been trying to get better with several characters. I will always have my wonderful main Little Mac (who I’m actually planning on cosplaying as at several cons this year!) but I also wanted to try some other characters like Greninja and Meta Knight.

Playing as Meta Knight however brought back Brawl memories and just how ungodly powerful he was then. It got me thinking about the very concept of OP characters in multiplayer games. Characters like Meta Knight and Oddjob in Goldeneye, they all had this silly nostalgic throwback for being remember just for how much of a terrible person your friend was if they picked that character. Some people play just to win and so when these type of very overpowered characters exist people will exploit it to ruin everybody else’s fun, especially if it is an online multiplayer game.

So I wanted to ask you all what you think of Overpowered characters in games? Do you think they give the game a little extra charm or do you think games should be as balanced as possible? Let me know here or on one of my social media pages! That’s all for now, and as always. It’s not just a game, It’s a Life.

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