To The Moon

Who is this other specimen that is missing…

So today we had a teaser from Blizzard about another interesting piece of lore regarding Overwatch. If you didn’t know, Horizon is a moon base that was designed for scientists to perform experiements in peace, one of these such experiments was to create hyper-intelligent gorillas, hence Winston.

However when looking at the statuses for all of the specimens on the base shown in this picture we can clearly see another one has escaped the moon alongside Winston, Hammond. Now exactly what Hammond is or what their reasonings were for leaving the base is unknown however there are several theories.

The first is that Hammond is another hyper-intelligent gorilla who will act as a type of rival to Winston. The second is that he may very well be a scientist that escaped due to the “Scientist Status” message at the bottom. Finally it could be another type of animal as who is to tell that it was only gorillas on the station. Only time will tell I suppose, and maybe this could end up being Doomfist or a completely seperate new hero.

That’s all for now, and as always. It’s not just a game, It’s a Life.

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