The Ohnickel Controversy

The internet is a powerful place…

Ok so last night a huge controversy happened over on the Overwatch subreddit that caused a fairly large youtuber by the name of “Ohnickel” to get some undeserved backlash and hate from people who didn’t do their research.

Essentially a person on the subreddit claimed that they were a certain user who had entered a giveaway contest Ohnickel was hosting for a $50 Steam gift card. He claimed that after being told that he won the card he didn’t actually receive the steam gift card and thet Ohnickel went so far as to block him on twitter.

Everyone of course went on a massive manhunt, shaming the youtuber and claiming his content was garbage. Luckily another user on the site found some¬†inconsistencies in the story and eventually debunked the entire thing. Both threads were ultimately removed from the subreddit and everyone hated on the impersonator instead. It’s such a shame that the Reddit hivemind can be so quick to jump on a hate centered bandwagon, however I suppose it just came from evidence shown to them that ultimately ended up being fake. I guess the moral from reporting this story is… do your research.

That’s all for now, and as always. It’s not just a game, It’s a Life.

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