The Next Scroll

Please be Elsweyr Please be Elsweyr...
Please be Elsweyr Please be Elsweyr…

Todd Howard, the current director of Bethesda Game Studios recently confirmed in an interview that the next Elder Scrolls game is most certainly in development however it’s not being focused on at all right now. The studio want to focus on three other projects first before tackling the next game in the fantasy franchise and to be perfectly honest I don’t blame them.

The hype for the next Elder Scrolls game is beyond belief. Many people were blown away with the gameplay and engine improvements made in Fallout 4 however they felt that the actual game itself didn’t live up to the series. However if these improvements were applied to a franchise like the Elder Scrolls and with the feedback provided by the community they could make an incredible game that could surpass all our expectations.

So as a result of all this I want them to take their time. Make an incredible game that takes many years to make and let it blow our minds rather than just bring out another in the series just to appease impatient fans. However of course they don’t need me to tell them that, they already have this all planned out.

That’s all for now, and as always. It’s not just a game, It’s a Life.

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