The New Modding Era

I wonder what the console generation will think of this UI...
I wonder what the console generation will think of this UI…

So if all things go well tomorrow then the Xbox One will be the first console to get full modding support that is specifically tailored by the developer of a game rather than needing a modded out console to work. History in the making ladies and gentlemen.

Of course to those who play on PC like me this isn’t affecting them too much but for the consoles this is a huge step in making games infinitely more fun on consoles. While this may simply start with Fallout 4 this can be a good example for other game producers for giving console games full modding support. Many people on PC claim that mods are one of the main reasons why PC gaming is superior to consoles however it seems as though the tides may be changing soon. Who knows what the impact of this may be.

Anyway what do you all feel about modding support on consoles in Fallout 4? Are you excited for it or do you not really care? Be sure to comment below and share your opinions! That’s all for now, and as always. It’s not just a game, It’s a Life.

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