The Future of Overwatch

Still haven’t got that skin yet unfortunately…

The year is almost over and lots of outlets pretty much universally agree that Overwatch was the most notable Game of the Year on many top games lists. Recently however the developers released an update video explaining their plans for the future.

First of course is the release of the new map, Oasis, which is scheduled to be release early next year. I personally haven’t played the map on the test servers but it apparently is arabian themed and has jump pads, cool! Next up is the reveal that a new character is just getting near the artist pipeline, meaning that it may not be too far off from now. Considering the reveal of Terry Crews visting the Overwatch offices maybe Doomfist? (Please Blizzard)

Along with spectator and E-sports upgrades Blizzard also seemingly want to cater to casual fans too as they want to impliment a custom games browser, letting you join random custom games with insane rulesets. This could really spice up the community and could bring to light some extremely fun game modes, bringing much needed variety to the gameplay of Overwatch.

All in all the year looks bright for Blizzard’s new IP. Its runaway success is unprecedented and now we can only dream of how well it will continue to do in 2017. That’s all for now, and as always. It’s not just a game, It’s a Life.

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