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So it completely flew by my that Halo 5 was actually released 2 days ago… yay I guess? I’m not exactly the foremost expert on this game considering I was never planning to buy it (on the account of no Xbox One and all). The game, while having huge amounts of hype and marketing around it I have heard from initial reviews is… just another Halo game.

Seeing the gameplay it does look very smooth, the addition of the booster packs and the ability to climb small ledges is great and allow the gameplay to be a lot smoother but… I hate to say this but it doesn’t really feel like Halo. People have complained about the co-op focus and yet there is absolutely no split-screen local multiplayer, a damn shame considering Halo was one of the staple of couch gaming with your friends! And of course our wonderful friend microtransactions make a comeback in the form of req packs. These trading card-esque items make it so that you can unlock items through a random drop system or, of course, you can pay for them! The worst part though is that you can unlock gameplay affecting things such as weapons and vehicles meaning that someone who has payed can get access to this stuff earlier than you. Has Halo gone pay to win? Halo was openly praised for its fine balance in previous iterations but this seems to break that down. I dunno, as I said I haven’t played it myself so I’m not really one to judge it.

Have you guys played it? If so are these points valid and what do you personally think of the game? Be sure to let me know! That’s all for now, and as always. It’s not just a game, It’s a Life.

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