State of Doom

Well… he is a 3 star difficulty hero…

It’s been a few days since Doomfist was released on the Overwatch test servers and since then he has received two nerfs and a lot of bug fixes, however it still seems as though the punchy nigerian has plenty of kinks to iron out until he is ready for a full release.

The biggest problem we currently face is if he should receive even more nerfs or not. In my own personal opinion I feel that in the right hands he can become an incredibly strong offensive hero with the potential to do a crazy amount of damage however that potential sorely lies in the hands of a skilled player. Like Genji in many ways in a professional environment he can be amazing but give the controls to someone who doesn’t know much about the character except that he punches things and you will find him to be less effective.

So as it stands I don’t think Doomfist needs changed aside from of course fixing the bugs associated with him. He doesn’t need to be stronger and he doesn’t need to be nerfed, he is in just the right balance currently. What do you all think about how powerful Doomfist is? Be sure to let me know! That’s all for now, and as always. It’s not just a game, It’s a Life.

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