SNES Classic Edition

Well it certainly looks the part!

Nintendo have actually done it, in light of the controversy of discontinuing the only fairly recently release NES Classic Edition they have announced a classic version of their next console, the SNES.

Like the NES version this will include over 20 pre-installed games (including Earthbound and amazingly, the unreleased Star Fox 2!), 2 controllers instead of the singular one in the previous console and a slimmed down version of the SNES. They have confirmed a September release date with it coming out at around $80.

Personally I love the idea of it, especially with rare and even unreleased games being in this bundle however it still does seem a bit pricy to me and if they do as they did with the NES version by making it a limited production run then the scalpers will just buy all of them and jack up the prices so high it will be impossible to get one without forking out a fortune.

Let’s hope that Nintendo doesn’t mess this one up eh? That’s all for now, and as always. It’s not just a game, It’s a Life.

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