Should Game Journalists Be Good At Games?

Oh god here I go opening up this can of worms

I consider myself to be fairly good at video games (aside from if you include sports, racing or several type of puzzle games) and thus I think the basis upon my writing is a fairly reliable representation of the average gamer’s experience. Recently however there has been a big discussion upon the idea of games journalism and the skill of the journalists writing the reviews.

Dean Takahashi is a gaming journalist who works for a site called ‘Gamesbeat’. He recently uploaded a video of him playing the soon to be released Indie Game ‘Cuphead’ and gave a short review to go alongside it. However the internet was in a bit of an outrage when they saw the footage and couldn’t believe how bad Dean was at the game, struggling to even get past the tutorial level. This caused a big uproar in the gaming community as the reliability of gaming journalism was put into question, why should we listen to a review if the guy writing it can’t even go five minutes without failing miserably.

That was the question asked anyway. Personally from my research I know that Dean has had a long history with the gaming journalism sector, twenty five years in fact, and throughout that time he has still been bad at games. Some of his earlier reviews, such as with the original Mass Effect, point out how bad he is at them and how he struggles with basic game mechanics. I don’t think this kind of thing is a widespread problem within the gaming journalism sector (though the discussion on whether some journalist even like games, that’s a whole other story) I simply think that this one guy isn’t that great with games so take his reviews with a pinch of salt, and of course do your research across multiple news outlets to determine an overall consensus, like by checking my site! Shameless plug-in I am aware.

That’s all for now, and as always. It’s not just a game, It’s a Life.

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