Self Challenges

Perhaps the most well know challenge, the Nuzlocke!

We’ve all had those times in which we feel as though the games we play just aren’t challenging enough. Sometimes we just want to push our limits and find brand new ways to enjoy our favourite games, in those circumstances so called ‘Self Created Challenges’ are available to us.

They take on many forms. The most popular one of course being the Pokemon Nuzlocke (see above) but others can take various shapes too. I personally just started one in Oblivion by creating a mage character who uses the Atronach birthsign. The idea behind this run is that by taking this birthsign I have a huge amount of magic to use and can even absorb some magic from enemies, but at a cost. You see by doing this my magic also cannot regenerate, meaning the game becomes more about scrounging up as many magic replenishing items and quests as possible so as to not lose all of my power. It really changed up the game for me and is a welcome break from the usual style.

So have you all tried a Self Created Challenge? Which game did you make one up and if so what was it? Let us know your creations in the comments! That’s all for now, and as always. It’s not just a game, It’s a Life.

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