Save Scumming

The Ultimate Power

Save Scumming is a specific gaming term referring to games that you can save and load at will. When you save scum, you essentially reload a specific save that you created before an important battle or event after knowing what the events that take place are in order to get the best possible outcome. In XCOM this is usually used when a few turns pass and your soldiers are hurt or killed so you reload a save in order to get a better result.

Everyone save scums in video games at some point, it’s the temptation to make your run just that little bit more perfect that makes us all do it. The game I was most guilty of doing this in was one of the Game Boy Advance Fire Emblem games. I reloaded so many saves in that game just to keep my favourite characters alive, and I feel no shame at all.

However I want to know what you all think about save scumming. Do you find it to be a fair tactic or do you consider it cheating? Let us know your thoughts! That’s all for now, and as always. It’s not just a game, It’s a Life.

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