Guys... I think we lost the textures...
Guys… I think we lost the textures…

Retextures are an interesting idea for a mod in various games. They are used to either make an item/weapon/person look better than they previously did or they can even make something look completely different than what was originally intended.

Modding communities tend to love very good retextures. Things like Skyrim’s 4K retexture project that help make the game look stunning by today’s standards are held in high regard in the modding community as the amount of work that goes into these mods is incredible.

Personally I only use a few retexture mods as they sometimes take a lot of space on my hard drive however the ones I do use make my games look so much better. Some feel however that some specific retextures take away from the realism or the general feel of the game by making it look like something different, I’m looking at you CBBE.

So what do you all think about retextures? Do you find them interesting or do you feel they are a waste of time and that the modding community should focus on other things? Let us know in the comment section! That’s all for now, and as always. It’s not just a game, It’s a Life.

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