Quick Free Experiences

The name could use a little work…

Have you ever been browsing Steam looking for something even mildly interesting? Have you browsed the free games tab as your wallet is looking pretty empty right now due to it being christmas? I did so today and found a cool little free game called Hunger Dungeon, a pixel style arena type fighter with diablo style loot and character progression.

It was a fun experience, not very long for myself though as it didn’t do too much to keep me intrigued but for it being free I can’t complain at all. I often find these type of games and wonder really what kinds of free small experiences will keep me hooked. Free experiences are completely different however, things like TF2 will surely keep you happy for a long time, I’m more interested in those small indie games that could be a diamond in the rough.

That’s why I am going to ask you all about your types of experiences with small and free games! Which ones do you like the most and what would you recommend to the rest of our readers? Let us all know, I’d be interested in trying out some. That’s all for now, and as always. It’s not just a game, It’s a Life.

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