Publisher Launchers

Time to get to work!
Time to get to work!

After seeing the quite frankly fantastic integration that the mod launcher and downloading system has had in Fallout 4 I felt compelled to talk about publishers having their own launchers/platforms for playing or modding games.

Now many publishers don’t actually follow these practices however those that do usually end up being… less than stellar (looking at you Uplay). As we all probably know by now Steam is the king of PC gaming platforms and anything trying to compete against it is just kidding itself. Perhaps then that is why I like how Bethesda have actually integrated their launcher into the game itself. We all probably remember the terrible Windows for Live system that was forced into Fallout 3 that made it feel more restricted and user unfriendly and so for Bethesda to limit their launcher and search engine for modding only seems like a smart choice.

So what do you think of publisher-created game launchers/platforms? Do you find them redundant or do you believe they provide something more to the experience? Be sure to comment below and let us all hear! That’s all for now, and as always. It’s not just a game, It’s a Life.

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