Ohh that's gonna sting for a while...
Ohh that’s gonna sting for a while…

So for some reason I’m in a really punchy mood today, so much so that I have gone onto Fallout 4 and proceeded to punch everything in sight, good times!

Has anyone else ever felt like this? when you just feel that you want to punch everything in games, or at least make an unarmed focused character just to feel the satisfaction of your fists? Maybe it’s just me. A nice topic for you all though on what games you think unarmed combat is handled best in? (Excluding fighting games of course for obvious reasons) Bethesda games maybe aren’t the best example when it comes to unarmed but hey maybe you know of a better game that makes punching so damn satisfying? Let us all know in the comment section below!

That’s all for now, and as always. It’s not just a game, It’s a Life.

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