This was a pretty bad mis-step eh?

Capcom have managed to anger a lot of people over a piece of DLC for their most recent fighting game Street Fighter 5. They released a new stage set in Thailand that was suppossed to represent the same type of level that you fight M.Bison on at the end of the original Street Fighter 2.

However the problem comes in the music that was used. You see the level itself is seemingly set in a buddhist temple and thus has a lot of buddhist themes surrounding it. However the music used in the stage actually has a reference to Allah, the Islamic god.

This is a pretty big blunder, especially due to the multicultural style of the characters within the game. It’s the equivalent of someone visiting a mosque and playing christian music. While I don’t find it offensive myself (I just find it rather funny that they messed up this bad) I can understand why they have temporarily taken the stage down. Of course a patch should be released soon that will change the music but still it seems that Capcom didn’t really do their homework, or at least didn’t care enough not to offend people.

So how do you feel about this situation? Let us all know your thoughts in the comments below this post. That’s all for now, and as always. It’s not just a game, It’s a Life.

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