Multiple Characters

I didn’t know you could play as an alien in Oblivion!?

So I decided once again last week to play through Oblivion again… don’t judge. I originally wanted to play as a Nord barbarian, but then decided halfway through the tutorial that I would play a High Elf necromancer, but now I feel like playing an Imperial Knight.

The beauty of RPG’s s the fact that you can play multiple character’s at the push of a button depending on how you’re feeling or what playstyle you want out of the game. Do you feel like being a bit nefarious? Play a thief and take all the gold of the world! Or what about feeling heroic? Then play a valiant Knight who will save the day! I know that personally I jump between my moods more often than I should and thus RPG’s (especially Elder Scrolls games) really help me to adjust my playsyle.

So I wanted to ask you all a question, do you all change characters frequently in RPG’s? If so what kind of characters do you have in your backlog or ones you are particularly proud of? Be sure to comment and let us all know! That’s all for now, and as always. It’s not just a game, It’s a Life.

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