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Is it… a Nintendo?

Christmas has passed us by and Boxing Day is upon us! I do hope you all had a good christmas and I hope santa brought you that extra special game you were looking for! With it being Boxing Day you can expect the extreme amount of shoppers to flood the streets in search of good deals, and gamers are no exceptions.

While we like to do our shopping online a recent trend that seems to have popped up is people getting store credit on something like Steam or Amazon (like myself) to spend on the games they want. As a result of this Boxing Day is just as busy for gamers as christmas is, especially with the Steam Winter Sales going on right now.

So I wanted to ask you all this, what did you get for christmas that was gaming related and/or what are you going to gte on Boxing Day? Personally I’m eyeing up a couple of deals on Steam and if the gift cards ever come back in stock on Amazon (Please UK site please…) then I will be trying some out! So let us all know what you got and be sure to try and make us all jealous! That’s all for now, and as always. It’s not just a game, It’s a Life.

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