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Becoming strangely popular...
Becoming strangely popular…

So I am a bit late to the controversy but I felt it would be important for me to talk about it anyway. On a lot of online multiplayer games like Counter Strike:Global Offensive or Team Fortress 2 there is an in built trading system which allows you to trade items for materials or other items. This type of system has attracted a series of gambling sites in which you risk rare skins or weapons for money or other rare items.

Now normally this isn’t too much of an issue, people do what people do. The problem comes from the fact that these type of sites are directed to those who are younger and thus are more susceptible to becoming addicted to the idea of online gambling. As if that wasn’t bad enough many Youtubers are also beginning to stream themselves using these gambling sites which make more people want to try them however it has turned out that some of the biggest streamers actually have links to the sites they are gambling on, turning the tides of the various bets.

These type of systems are incredibly dodgy and they attract a rather immoral crowd of people. Real life gambling is already a problem for a huge amount of people, seeing them throw their money away just to get a chance at lady luck’s boon. Bringing something like that into the gaming world is a bad idea in my book and so you won’t find me interacting with these types of sites ever. If you do decide to use them then just play responsibly, not for profit but for fun, that’s ultimately what gaming is all about. That’s all for now, and as always. It’s not just a game, It’s a Life.

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