Gaming Experiences

Tis is a pretty good one, ABE VR!
This is a pretty good one, ABE VR!

After looking through the Steam VR section of their store I realised that there were a huge amount of what they called gaming ‘experiences’ that were on offer. Most of them were free and short, some only lasting a few minutes, however they tried to both show off the capabilities of VR and also tell a story in a completely new way.

It was interesting to see so many different stories and takes on the genre in such a specific scene of gaming. While I was trying out VR I tried one of these experiences called ABE VR. In it I was strapped down to a table and had to talk to a robot who wanted to discover how to love. It was an interesting experience and the motion capture made me feel very uncomfortable, which for a horror experience is a success!

I wanted to ask you all what you thought of these experiences, especially if they are paid. Do you like them or do you not see much point in them? Let me know! That’s all for now, and as always. It’s not just a game, It’s a Life.

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