Forceful Insertion

Oh god why!

The latest trailer for Sonic Forces came out and oh boy does it reveal a certain… mechanic. It turns out that the game will not only let you play as Modern/Classic Sonic but you can also create and play as your own custom made Sonic character. The game will feature an extensive character creator that will let you change your species, your colour, even what your character will wear.

Now if you are out of the loop the Sonic fandom has a bit of an… obsession with fan created characters. From the most forcefully inserted OC’s to the edgiest of Coldsteels the Sonic fandom certainly love to create their own animal characters. The scariest part however is that due to the story of the game, these new characters will technically be canon, meaning fans can really live the dream of putting their own creations into the Sonic universe.

In a way this move is absolutely genius on Sega’s part. Sonic has had a bit of an identity issue for a while now, and tapping into one of the most rabid and loyal communities you can by allowing their OC dreams to come true is going to sell a lot more copies of this game. What do you all think? Are you excited for the new game or will this news put you off? Be sure to let us know! That’s all for now, and as always. It’s not just a game, It’s a Life.

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